About Us

About Us

Stepping Stones High School represents a fresh perspective of our time and a glimmer of the future. Our school establishes a strong foundation for a happy and successful adult life. It is a place where one learns about the totality and the wholeness of life. Academic excellence is absolutely necessary but our school includes much more than that. It is a place where both the teachers and the taught, explore the world. 

The landscape of Learning and teaching trends are changing year on year. At Stepping Stones, our teachers are facilitators of this change.

Technology has become pervasive in our lives as well as our classrooms. We create positive digital imprints for our students. Using Google for a research project is no longer a luxury but the norm. Digital citizenship has become a crucial aspect of our educational curriculum. Science is taught in a manner that students make connections with the real world. This paradigm shift helps our students to see science in everything that we do, be it using measurements for ingredients during cooking time or measuring beats in music or even working on projects in English,Social Studies and Science.

Our associations with various reputed sports orgaizations like Laliga and NBA gives our students the cutting edge over their conteporaries.

Learning is not intimidating for our children. Hands-on activities help make academics more tangible for students and become a bridge to abstract thinking.

Encouraging teamwork helps develop communication and life skills in children. Holistic education from the heart is our endeavour.


The new academic year commences in April and ends in March.

  • PRINCIPAL : Dr. Angelo M D’Cruize 
  • VICE PRINCIPAL :  Mrs. Rupali Mundada
  • PRIMARY SCHOOL: CLASSES I-V (Head Mrs. Tangerine Anderson)
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL: CLASSES VI-VIII (Head Mrs. Neelakshi Patare)