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The Cambridge IGCSE Primary curriculum offers a variety of routes for learners with a wide range of abilities. The curriculum is flexible and we shape it around how we want our students to learn. We have chosen 5 out of 10 subjects including English, Maths and Science to develop creativity, expression and well being in a variety of ways. We accurately measure a student’s performance and potential and inform decisions about individual learners and their educational needs on a regular basis. The Cambridge Primary Checkpoint monitors individual and group performance at the end of the Primary program. The tests are marked externally by the board.

Counselling Lab takes wings – It aims to encourage students to identify their interest, strengths and hjh through scientific tests conducted by trained teachers.


Robotics techno tamers lab inaugurated – In order to help steppers meet the needs of this highly technology driven world, stepping stones is collaborated with a noted Bengalru based company ‘Join Botics Technology Pvt Ltd. The students are given a first-hand experience on 3D gadgets like 3D printers, 3D pens and start up programming kits.


The campus is situated in amidst serene and calm surroundings, it weaves within it a strong culture for the growth of intellectual vibrancy in harmony with other necessary skills to develop holistic learning.

Bus Services

A fleet of buses transport students and teachers on a daily basis. Each bus has a trained driver, conductor and a lady attendant. All buses are equipped with a GPS system, a speed lock and cameras.


We have separate laboratories for Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computers, Psychology and Counselling.

Classroom Technology

All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards and TVs to make learning interactive. The school provides an Android application for the teachers and parents.


Nutritious wholesome lunch is provided to the students everyday. A good blend of vegetables, dal, rice, chapati and salads make the menu. On Fridays there is a special lunch.


Our school offers unique opportunities for students who are interested in content creation, and take the next step in their careers as filmmakers in the future. Many workshops for the same have been conducted by the acclaimed Director of Cine Vidhya Training Institute, Mumbai. Mr. Amitabaha Singh (Cinematographer of Chillar Party, Khosla Ka Ghosla etc.)

Art Room

Regular art exhibitions are held to nurture and provide individual and collective talent.


We have a well - trained counselor who works with the students individually and collectively. Career guidance and awareness workshops are held for classes VIII to XII regularly. Psychometric tests are conducted for the students to understand their skills and talents furthermore, guide them to make the right career choice.

Robotics Lab

The Robotics Lab acts as a perfect outlet for students to learn and explore. We have a curriculum for Robotics which starts from Class I The Robotics Lab acts as a perfect outlet for students to learn and explore. We have a curriculum for Robotics which starts from Class I

Stones High School proudly hosted the IC3 regional forum 20202 in association with the IC3 Institute. More than 120 schools Principals, Heads of Institutes, Teachers and counsellors around Marathwada region attended the forum.

IGCSE and School Registration Details

Mr. Abdul Husain ChairmanMaimoon Vila, Panchakki Road, Jubilee Park, Aurangabad
Mrs. Seema GuptaCBSE RepresentativeB-2, Tapadia Park, Cidco N-4, Aurangabad
Mrs. Kiran ChavanCBSE RepresentativeFlat No. Gopal Villa Appt. Jyotinagar, Aurangabad
Mrs.Insiyyah HusainSecretary
Mrs.Naseem RahimMemberAugust Home,Khivansara Park, Garkheda, Aurangabad
Dr. Angelo M. D’CruizeMember SecretaryBlue Bells, Near Prozon Mall, Aurangabad
Mrs Farida AbbasMemberBurhani Colony, Aurangabad
Mr. Ahemad JaleelMemberJubli park, Aurangabad
Mrs. Arpita JainMemberSeven Hills, Aurangabad
Mrs. Rupali MundadaMemberN-3, Cidco, Aurangabad
Mr. Murtuza HusainMemberMaimoon Villa, Pachakki Road, JubliPark, Aurangabad
Mr. Saifuddin AbbasMemberAugust Home,Khivansara Park, Garkheda, Aurangabad
Mr. Shakeeb RahimSpecial InviteeAugust Home,Khivansara Park, Garkheda, Aurangabad
Mrs. Anita KamraMemberShreya Nagar, Aurangabad
Mr. Angel D’ChunaMemberShreya Nagar, Aurangabad
In Acres 17.25 Acres
In Square Meters 69810
Area of Playground in sq. mtrs 24282
Facilities Yes / No
Indoor Games Yes
Outdoor Games Yes
Dance Room Yes
Music Room Yes
Laboratory Yes
Activity Rooms Yes
Infrastructure Count
Total number of Building Blocks 5
Number of playgrounds 3
Total number of class rooms 60
Physics Lab 1
Chemistry Lab 1
Biology Lab 1
Computer Science Lab 2
Robotics Lab 1
Psychology Lab 1
Cooking Lab 1
Library 2
Staff Rooms 2
Wellness room / clinic 1
Other Rooms 14
Number of boys toilets 6
Number of girls toilets 6
Number of washrooms for female staff 5
Number of washrooms for male staff 5
Number of water purifiers / RO Plant 1
Number of fire extinguishers 54
Number of CCTV cameras 128
Number of auditoriums 1
Number of amphitheatres 2
Audio visual room 1
Total number of buses hired 36
Buses Hired on Contract Basis Yes
Employee Name Designation DOJ
Dr. Angelo Michael DCruize Principal 01.04.2015
Ms. Rupali Mundada Vice Principal 16.07.2012
Mr.Sandeep Malu Academic co-ordinator 01.01.2022
Ms.Neelakshi Patare Academic co-ordinator 01.06.2010
Ms. Shruti Thakur
Academic co-ordinator 12.03.2018
Ms. Tangerine Anderson Academic co-ordinator 01.06.2020
Mr.Abhay Hazari Sports co-ordinator 01.01.2007
Ms.Sajita Panicker Activity co-ordinator 01.06.2006
Ms. Priyanka SinghActivity co-ordinator 01.06.2016
Ms. Nasreen Masood Mirza Activity co-ordinator 01.06.2013
Ms. Aparna Purandare Activity co-ordinator 01.06.2004
Ms. Beena John Activity co-ordinator 01.06.2018
Ms. Anjali Muley TGT 06.06.2004
Mr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Nabi TGT 04.10.2004
Mr. Manish Shamkuwar PGT 04.10.2004
Mr. Sanjay Bhogale TGT 15.07.2004
Ms. Pratibha Chavan TGT 04.10.2004
Ms. Smita Chhatre TGT 04.09.2004
Mr. Jayant Neralkar TGT 01.03.2005
Mr. Mujeebur Rehman Gaffar Syed PGT 11.07.2005
Ms. Vasudha Gole PGT 01.08.2005
Ms. Manjeet Salvi TGT 16.08.2005
Ms. Laxmi Roy PGT 01.06.2006
Ms. Vijeta Nimale TGT 01.06.2006
Ms. Manisha Koddikar TGT 01.10.2006
Ms. Aruna Jadhav TGT 08.06.2007
Ms. Jozita Amair TGT 01.06.2007
Ms. Leena Meher PRT 01.06.2007
Ms. Susma Kapil TGT 08.06.2007
Mr. Kailash Kakde PGT 08.06.2007
Mr. Ashish Hande TGT 01.06.2007
Mr. Vaijanath Rathod TGT 01.06.2008
Mr. Khimjee Patel TGT 01.06.2008
Ms. Priyangu Singh TGT 02.07.2008
Mr. Ravikant Arsud PRT 01.07.2008
Ms. Noorjahan Shaker PRT 18.09.2008
Ms. Josita Passanha TGT 15.09.2008
Ms. Anjali Kshirsagar TGT 02.01.2009
Ms. Vangisha Sarode PGT 08.06.2009
Ms. Kanchan Mogal PRT 08.06.2009
Ms. Nidhi Mehrotra TGT 01.06.2009
Ms. Manisha Rathi TGT 01.06.2010
Mr. Abhijeet Bhale TGT 01.06.2010
Ms. Pradnya Kakde PRT 01.06.2010
Ms. Rekha Wagh TGT 01.06.2010
Mr. Parvez Ahmed Deshmukh TGT 01.03.2011
Mr. Mahesh Bansode PGT 01.06.2011
Ms. Beena John PRT 01.06.2011
Ms. Juilee Phalke TGT 01.06.2011
Ms. Meghana Ingles PRT 14.11.2011
Ms. Syeda Naushin Bano PRT 14.11.2011
Ms. Vidhya Sarwade PRT 08.01.2012
Ms. Nusrat Fatema TGT 12.01.2012
Mr. Shah Mubarak PRT 02.01.2012
Mr. Ajit Ashok Deo PGT 11.02.2012
Ms. Deepali Raje PGT 02.07.2012
Ms. Khan Nilofer Jabeen PGT 09.07.2012
Mr. Pramod Weldode PGT 01.10.2012
Ms. Sheela Shankhala TGT 01.01.2013
Ms. Pooja Singh TGT 01.06.2013
Mr. Quadri Maqsood Ahmed PGT 03.06.2013
Ms. Khwaja Sumaria TGT 10.06.2013
Ms. Manisha Wankhade PGT 15.07.2013
Ms. Syeda Sana Kazmi PRT 08.07.2013
Mr. Shyam Singh Rajput PRT 16.01.2014
Mr. Sajid Ali Khan TGT 05.06.2014
Ms. Madhuri Shinde PRT 09.06.2014
Ms. Nada Nahdi PRT 05.06.2014
Mr. Mohan Kumar Diware PGT 02.07.2014
Ms. Shaikh Nusrat Rahim PRT 12.07.2014
Mr. Mohammed Junaid PRT 01.08.2014
Ms. Syeda Tazeen Bano PRT 04.06.2015
Ms. Sarah Khan TGT 07.06.2015
Mr. Shaikh Ateeq Ahmed PRT 01.06.2016
Ms. Hina Mahdi TGT 01.06.2016
Ms. Kalyani Patil PRT 01.06.2016
Ms. Kinjal Shah PRT 01.06.2016
Ms. Shaikh Nilofer PRT 22.08.2016
Mr. Ajay Rajesh Chawriya PRT 01.04.2017
Ms. Insiya Huzaifa Taksali PRT 01.04.2017
Ms. Mrunalini Kasbekar PRT 01.06.2017
Ms. Fatema Masood Giletwala PRT 01.09.2017
Ms. Shobhana Dhruv Gyanchandani PGT 01.06.2018
Ms. Minal Bhagwat PRT 01.06.2018
Mr. Paul Mondal PGT 01.06.2018
Mr. Pawankumar Chhagan Sarkate PRT 01.06.2018
Ms. Khatija Saifee PRT 04.06.2018
Ms. Madhuri Arjun Kuchekar PRT 04.06.2018
Mr. Arun Sukhlal Rathod PRT 01.08.2018
Ms. Pathan Shabeena Shafeeq Ahmed Khan PRT 25.03.2019
Ms. Shireen Dias PRT 01.06.2019
Ms. Soma Ray PRT 01.06.2019
Mr. Akshaykumar Sonawane TGT 01.06.2019
Ms. Kanchan Keshavrao Fajage PRT 01.07.2019
Mr. Wasif Ahmed M A Gaffar PGT 07.06.2019
Ms. Nidhi Vinodmukar Harkut PGT 31.07.2019
Ms. Yasmeen Mubarak Shah PRT 01.08.2019
Ms. Shilpa Alferd Shadrock Pillai PRT 15.09.2019
Mr. Zaeem Saifuddin Rahim TGT 01.10.2019
Ms. Preeti Vijay Rani PRT 15.02.2020
Ms. Abha Anuj Sharma PRT 01.06.2020
Ms. Gauri Abhijeet Vaze PRT 01.06.2020
Ms. Kiran Jatekar PRT 23.03.2020

Dr. Angelo M.D’Cruize,
Principal Stepping Stones High School, Gut No. 48/8, Harsul Jalgaon Road, Sawangi, Aurangabad.

Dr. Angelo M.D’Cruize Mrs. Rupali Mundada Mrs. Neelakshi Pataare Mrs. Monali Deshpande