Blending Skills With Creativity


Steppers are enriched with life skills during their schooling years. The term “life skills” refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life, any skill that is useful in your life can be considered as a life skill.

The school offers a plethora of opportunities through various clubs and provides a platform for the overall development of the students. The students are encouraged to choose the clubs according to their interest.

Cooking Club : 

Cooking is about harnessing, imagination, empowerment, and creativity. The students dish-out mouth-watering dishes of various cuisines. They learn the joy of cooking. The students enthusiastically participate in this club and have an enriching experience.




Quiz Club:

Quizzing is the art of the intellect. General knowledge contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole. The quiz club aims at identifying students and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills. The quiz club updates the students on various current affairs. We conduct quiz competitions on various occasions. 



Language Club:

In today’s globalized world the ability to speak another language opens up a whole new world of opportunities and puts you way ahead of the competition. It has been proven that children who speak a second language become  more confident and perform better across all academic subjects. The aim of this club is to provide an opportunity to learn a foreign language,by encouraging them to speak it in a relax environment. There are qualified and experience tutors who teach the language through stimulating activites. French and German are taught in this club.

Creative Writing Club :

 The creative writing club is open to students interested in writing poetry, prose, plays, short stories, limericks etc. The purpose of the club is to provide a positive and productive atmosphere for developing student writers. It provides a forum to aspiring authors to write, edit, and illustrate their own stories. Activities are organized to enhance their writing skills, oratory skills and vocabulary. During the course of the year, the club promotes writing through contests, publication opportunities and writing tips.


Robotics club :

It aims to promote robotics as a tool for the application of concepts learnt by students in the classrooms, using STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Robotics also provides an opportunity to rediscover and redesign learning by engaging students in an inquiry-based approach to collaborate and be creative in solving open-ended robotics challenges. It is best suited for Challenge Based Learning and Problem Based Learning.


Pottery Club :

Learn, Create, Inspire – these are the attributes of the pottery club. The students experience first-hand what it is like to work on the Potter’s Wheel. They are guided step-by-step through all their projects. It helps to improve their fine-motor skills.



Agriculture Club /Gardening Club:

 This allows students to gain experience in various methods of growing crops. The club educates and familiarizes the students with the farming practices. It promotes the dignity of labour, teamwork, and discipline.



Carpentry Club :

The students learn carpentry in a hands-on learning environment. It focuses on real-world tools and knowledge. It helps the students to sharpen their technical skills and create materpieces in wooden art.



Debate Club:

‘A debate is a discussion about a subject on which people have different views’. It moulds the students personality apart from providing an avenue for them to voice their opinion. A debate club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oratory skills. Different activities are conducted to help students with their critical thinking and communication skills. The club emphasizes respect for others,tolerance and learning.

Drama Club :

Every child is unique and has his/her own distinct talent. Throughout the year many activities are planned such as screenplay writing, mono acting, script writing, acapella, beatboxing, mimicry to nurture their talents. It builds the confidence of the students to express themselves and improve their communication, concentration and coordination of speech and body.



Science Club : 

The basic principle behind the formation of this club is “learning by doing”.  It is a place where critical, analytical, technical and scientific dialogue takes place. Various experiments are conducted by the enthusiastic members of the club. Theories are practised and the quest to know the unknown is quenched. The club aims at instilling a sense of responsibility in students towards care for nature. 


Dance Club:

Dance is an integral part of the school curriculum. The students are taught the basics of  Indian and Western dance forms. It aims to arouse interest and enhance their talent in dancing. 




Music Club

The music room is equipped with quality string, percussion and key-based instruments. Well qualified music teachers guide students in their musical pursuits. The basics of Indian classical music and the importance of Raaga are taught to the students. Music club also bestows the students with an opportunity to learn western music i.e. both instrumental and vocal.



Art & Craft Club :

Art and Craft is a fun way for students to learn about the work of art. The activities are easy, thought-provoking, and educational. Crafts explore themes such as Culture, Science, and Mathematics. They learn the basics of orgigami . Students are encouraged to share their artwork with their peers, friends, and family.


Sports Club:

Sports Club emphasizes on physical fitness. Students are trained for different sports according to their interest. The importance of team spirt, discipline and leadership qualities are fostered among the students.


Horse Riding Club:

A noble initiative taken by the school to let students learn to care for an animal. Horse riding is a great form of exercise. It also help students to build a loyal realtionship and a sense of trust with their horse. 




Archery Club :

 It is a sport that is both physically and mentally challenging. It helps to build mucule endurance and develop hand eye co-ordination. It teachers discipline,respect and self control.




Cooking without fire Club  :

 The aim of the club is to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and explore new areas of interest. It creates awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without flame. The students discover that cooking can be creative, easy and a safe experience. They prepare  healthy dishes like ‘Sprouted Bhel, Orange Tang and Cheesy Biscuit Canopy’ using easy and quick recipes.



Paper Making Club :

Here the Steppers learn to shred the paper, soak it and make a smooth pulp in a blender or a food processor before they produce a sheet of recycled paper using wire mesh. Sorting, Pulping, Screening, Cleaning, De-Inking, Drying, Pressing are the steps to processing recycled paper. In this way, this club helps to reduce the school’s paper wastage and prepares chart papers to be used for craft activities.


Eco clubs :

 It plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. Best out of  waste  is the means by which students can be empowered to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.  Preparation of Eco-friendly products out of waste material  helps the students to conseve the enviorment.

Crochet Club:

Crocheting and knitting are crafts that promote valuable skills in students. Crochet requires a great deal of dexterity and it helps in the development of their fine motor skills. The creativity involved in designing and completing a project is another benefit, as is the satisfaction and self-esteem that comes from finishing a complex project.


Aerobic Club:

The aim of this club is to provide the students with an avenue to improve their fitness, confidence, health, and self-esteem through exercises.The students learn coordination, flexibility, and teamwork. They are taught Zumba, Aerobics, Cardio workout, Push-ups, Crunches, etc.


Stitching & Embroidery Club:

They learn how to thread a needle and also practice different types of hand stitches like running stitch, back stitch, hemming, cross stitch. The students also learn how to sew on the sewing machine. All these tools help the students to create masterpieces such as soft toys out of felt, designing of cushion covers, bedsheets etc.