Facilities school


The campus is situated in amidst serene and calm surroundings, it weaves within it a strong culture for the growth of intellectual vibrancy in harmony with other necessary skills to develop holistic learning.

  • Robotic Lab :

Robotic Lab acts as a perfect outlet for students as robotics is at the forefront of technology. Students get an opportunity to rediscover and redesign learning by engaging themselves in an inquiry-based approach where they are encouraged to collaborate and be creative in solving open-ended robotics challenges.


  • Music Lab : 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” 

Music Lab in collaboration with Furtados school of Music, inspired by The Trinity College London has introduced a new curriculum for music, where the steppers are facilitated with an effective music routine that will help them learn to express emotions and thoughts through the language of music.


  • Fun Lab :

We focus on activity-based learning. Here the students learn by doing activities, which helps to sharpen their problem solving and analytical skills.



  • Art Room :

An Asynaesthetic temperament is nurtured and showcased in the Art Gallery. a blend of colour and design elevates the human mind to merge it with the supreme being. Regular art exhibitions are held to nurture and provide individual and collective talent.


  • Library :

The school library is well stocked with books and periodicals. Our library is a hive of books of different genres. The students love browsing through the books and their language skills are honed through reading activities. We have a separate library for Primary and Secondary. 




  • Counselling : 

We have a well-trained counsellor who works with the students individually and collectively, conducts workshops for parents and teachers at regular intervals. Career guidance and awareness workshop are held for classes IX, X, XI, XII annually. Eminent people from different walks of life come to address the students about their careers.


  • Resource And Development :

We have a resource centre in the school premises to guide the teachers on the new teaching methodology and to kindle the light of learning through workshops.



  • Laboratories :

It is equipped with specimens and apparatus in ignite the spark of curiosity among the students. We have separate laboratories for Physics Lab, Bio Lab,Mathematics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Psychology Lab. The Psychology Lab is equipped with the latest and some of the best facilities for behavioural research.



  • Cinematography :

Our school offers unique opportunities for students who are interested in content creation. And take the next step in their careers as filmmakers in the future.



  • Play Area :

The students play in a safe and secure environment, designed especially for the enjoyment and capabilities of young children. The area is equipped with variety of outdoon play equipment.



Performing Arts:

  • Iris Auditorium: 

The auditorium is a central and important space for the school. It is used for all types of formal assembly: lectures, dramatic plays, musical theatre producations, battles of bands, dance competitions, debates, panel discussion and so on. 



  • Dance Room :

Dance is an integral part of the school curriculum. The students are taught the basics of dance forms. There are two dance rooms in the campus for the students. 


  • Music Room :

The music room is equipped with quality string,percussion and key-based instruments. Well qualified music teachers guide students in their musical pursuits.


  •  Dramatics Arts:

Dramatic arts education is an imporatnat means of stimulating creativity in problem-solving. It can challenge students perceptions about their world and about themselves.It can provide students with an outlet for emotions,thoughts and dreams that they might not otherwise have the mean to express.


  • Classroom Technology :

All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards and TVs to make learning interactive. The school provides an Android application for the teachers and parents. 


  • Wi-fi Campus(For Teacher) :

The campus is Wi-Fi enabled. Teachers can research on the net referring to many journals and publications etc. They can access the web anytime, anywhere in the campus premises.


  • Safety of the Child :

Many measures have been implemented such as the school boundary wall, fire dill exercises at regular intervals. 24/7 security services, fire extinguishers kept in the corridors,health check-up by an esteemed panel of doctors. The school considers the safety of children as their priority.


  • Infirmary :

The school infirmary is equipped to take care of minor exigencies. In case of an emergency, the following facilities and resources (outside the school) will be used. Super Specialty Hospital 15 minutes drive from the school.


  • Sports :

The school has a spacious playground, with a basketball court, a lawn tennis court, a football court and a netball court. Kabaddi,Hockey,Boxing,Archery,Cricket are also taught. Indoor sports like chess,carrom,badminton help the students to practice essential cognitive skills. The students are trained in these disciplines by experience sports teachers.



  • Bus Services :

A fleet of 37 buses transport students and teachers on a daily basis. Each bus has a trained driver,conductor and a lady attendant. All buses are equipped with GPS system, a speed lock and cameras.


  • CCTV :

The school is under CCTV surveillance.