School History

Down the ages,

Thirty five years ago a pre-school named Toddlers nursery came into existence due to the  quintessential  foresight of Mrs. Insiyyah Hussain. After fifteen years of very successfully running a pre-school, the idea of building a school took shape due to repeated requests from parents and the community at large. However it took another five years of planning and hard work to finally make Stepping Stones High School a reality. The name Stepping Stone was conceived after much thought and is apt as we aim is to prepare children for life giving them a strong foothold before they step into society. Thus the motto :

Education is a social process,

Education is growth ,

Education is not preparation for life,

Eduation is life itself.

Once the school was conceived, soon began the process of land procurement and paperwork. Finally in the year 2003-2004 the school commenced with much fanfare in the famous premises of Toddlers nursery. Sixty five students in classes I and II and a contingent of eight very young enthusiastic teachers saw us throughthe first year of stepping stones high school.

The very next year the school moved into its own premises – an eighteen acre sprawling campus set in a valley surrounded by the sayadri hills. In the second year itself the students and teachers were a family of two hundred and eighty ‘Stepper’.

With every passing year, the strength of the school is steadily growing and in this period of fifteen years of perseverance, hard work and patience Stepping Stones is now considered the best school in Aurangabad.